The art of nurturing the human component of Lean

Have you guided your company through the application of the principles of lean production but still people do not seem able to apply or keep the tools and lean techniques on an ongoing basis?
Are you responsible for conducting business process improvement initiatives but are not able to get the results you imagined you could achieve?
Do you see that you cannot get a level of active participation from the people you work with and this compromises the success of the lean project?
Do you know the principles that underlie the spirit of kaizen, respect for people, hitozukuri but are you struggling to apply them concretely or are you looking for new ideas to improve your working method?

Our book offers operational tools and suggestions of wide and immediate application, to be used in the implementation of lean projects, which in this way become moments of personal and company learning, lead to a transformation of culture and behaviors, to openness to change and to the continuous search for the improvement of one’s own work and that of colleagues.

The aim of maintaining a practical level and giving little space to theoretical content and reasoning of vision and strategy, derives from the desire to be concretely close to the professionals, accompanying them in the planning and implementation of their work, and encouraging them to develop their personal style in a continuous learning process.
In our vision, the human component is indispensable and inseparable from the operative and cultural components, and together with them it must be activated and nurtured, through the integration of methodologies deriving from coaching with lean thinking, in order to fully realize a lean company.


Coaching art for Lean

Saturday, December 1st 2018
9 AM – 1 PM
@ AQUEST, San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)

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