Individual Growth and Development Paths

An individual coaching path is suitable for people ready to invest their time and energy into the pursuit of change, to autonomously identify their own targets and implement the actions needed to reach their goals. Coaching encourages reflection and self-discovery related to finding one’s own way to face change and reach one’s goals.

Here are some (but not all!) topics which can make a coaching path relevant and useful for you:

  • Making decisions
  • Changing behavior
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Becoming actively engaged and responsible for your health
  • Improving your ability to follow a treatment regime
  • Improving your interpersonal relationships
  • Balancing your private and professional life
  • Changing jobs or aspects of your job

I always suggest to have a contact meeting to clarify any doubts and questions you may have about coaching, find out if coaching can be useful for you and assess whether the coach you are talking to is the right person to partnering you on your path.

Further Information