Business Coaching


Business coaching is being more and more implemented as an essential tool for professional development and is often an integral component of Human Resources Programs.

For business and executive coaching programs I cooperate with other colleagues to provide a complete service, designed on the company’s specific needs.

The multiple results of Business coaching include:

  • Increased innovation and quicker results;
  • Increased individual performance;
  • Enhanced creativity, decision-making process and improved relations within the organization;
  • Improved interpersonal communication in team work;
  • Increased willingness in supporting the achievement of targets and the organization’s success;
  • Increased independence, take responsibility, delegation and entrepreneurship;
  • Substantial change in ineffective attitudes.

Programs may include:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Group Coaching and Experiential Training
  • Change Management
  • Process improvement

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