Coaching and


The challenge we have set out to meet consists in developing a pattern integrating coaching techniques and traditional approaches, introducing continuous improvement within the company management systems (Lean and Six Sigma). Our target is providing a method able to reinforce the cultural change underpinning such initiatives and their success, bringing it to a deeper, more long-lasting level, while maximizing the potential of the teams and individuals, whatever the improvement pattern they are working on.

The pattern will work on three different levels:

AT COMPANY LEVEL: cultural change
Improving the quality and the operational modes supporting a continuous improvement culture by the company’s top management.
Improving the quality and efficiency of training aimed at the company’s personnel on topics relating to organizational and cultural change.

TEAM: supporting teamwork on improvement projects
Increasing analysis and brainstorming ability to suggest improvements by removing judgment-oriented dynamics, by encouraging a highly creative atmosphere and welcoming contributions from individual participants as a resource for the organization.

INDIVIDUAL: training of change agents
Enhancing the leadership strengths of change agents (Master Black Belt and Black Belt in Lean and Six Sigma programs) especially in leading multifunctional teams, influencing management, directing organizational and cultural evolution, improving decision-making processes and communicating in a clear, precise way.

The project includes professionals working on process improvement, with whom I am cooperating to integrate different methods, develop an innovative approach and experiment it in companies currently undergoing change.

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