Management consulting and process improvement according to the Strategic ResiLEANce

Strategic ResiLEANce is a management consulting service for process improvement, operational excellence, and digital transformation in the perspective of efficiency and simplification. The strength of the method lies in its transformative power. The Strategic ResiLEANce method is designed to transfer the tools and skills so that companies can autonomously maintain the implemented changes and apply the philosophy of continuous improvement.

First phase: Assessment of the needs
Through interviews, questionnaires and observation, the needs of the company are assessed in a structured manner. A report will be delivered to the client at the end of the needs assessment phase.

Second phase: Co-creation of the intervention plan
The intervention plan is created together with the key stakeholders in order to best reflect the
business needs both in terms of efficiency and in terms of time and resources.

Third phase: Implementation
Each intervention is carried out by applying the Strategic ResiLEANce method, in order to obtain significant results that last over time, and to develop a mindset and a company culture based on continuous learning.

Fourth phase: Sustainability plan and follow-up
The Client will have a medium-long term sustainability plan that can be carried out in complete autonomy. The sustainability plan may also include: training of ResiLEANce Agents, supervision and monitoring, mentorship and structured follow-up sessions.