Talking about values

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Sounds like a platitude, but, each time I am confronted with rampant disrespect and increasing violence in our daily lives, I feel very sad. Complaining is easy, while constructively contributing to change our society for the best, is not. What to do? Where shall I start to foster a cultural change?

Like most things in my life, chance or destiny led me realize where I could start. My coach invited me to attend a training session held by VocAzione. VocAzione ( is an initiative starting from a survey of Italian values and aiming at facilitating cultural change through awareness, responsibility and action.

During the meeting, we were shown the results of the 2013 survey on Italian national values. Unsurprisingly, the Italians identify “corruption” and “patronage” as national “values” in our current culture. We are frustrated and feel we are victims of “the system”. While the survey’s results do not take me unaware, what follows seems to me an utter “revolution”! Reflecting on my own values, engaging with others sounds different and innovative to me. There is a shift in perspective when we realize that we all carry our own values into the world and live up to them within ourselves, with our families, at work, in society at large. We come to understand that society conveys the values we all have chosen as a nation. Change, therefore, can start from each of us. From myself.
VocAzione aims to take such dialogue within companies, institutions, schools, among private citizens, wherever anyone longs for change.

We hope this initiative will spread like wildfire and young people will strongly and accountably uphold their own values, thus influencing the reality they are living in.

I will contribute to the initiative by conducting three dialogues on values before the end of this year.

Voc-Azione - L'italia ricomincia da me