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I have a dream that one day a humanistic corporate culture will reach everywhere

Could the manufacturing and design process of automated plants for painting car bodies move you to tears? I cried… and I am not a car enthusiast.

What moved me is a man and what he was able to achieve: Ali Reza Arabnia talked about the Geico story at the 13th National Conference of International Coach Academy (https://www.icf-italia.org/). Arabnia, like Brunello Cucinelli, has created a firm where ‘people are center-stage’, where respect for each person and his work is a foundational principle.

These two companies are shouting loud and clear that successful humanistic businesses are a reality, even in the midst of an economic crisis. Two enlightened, daring men are setting an example.
Adriano Olivetti is a historical example, Ali Reza Arabnia and Brunello Cucinelli are the two contemporary organizations that I’ve heard of. And more and more are growing in Italy and worldwide.

“I like the idea of leaving something for the future” (cit. http://www.allgeiconews.com/)

“In my own business, man is centre-stage in any production process” (cit. http://www.brunellocucinelli.com/)

Let’s talk about it, let’s disseminate the culture of humanistic businesses.